What I can do for you

UI Design

“It’s important how your product looks. If it doesn’t have an appearance that coincides with your brand, and if it doesn’t tell the story you’re trying to convey, it won’t resonate with your users.

UX Design

Your product has to work for users to want to interact with it. A product that isn’t usable┬áincreases user frustration and potential abandonment.

Responsive Design

Everyone has a smartphone these days. Your website should display beautifully on every single one of them, making it a joy for your users to interact with.

Branding & Identity

Your company is one of a kind; your logo should be too. I can help with that. I believe in creating unique logo identities that encapsulates your brand and creates an imprint on your users.

Random facts

  • I’m a Freelance Photographer
  • I started a travel blog called Andrew Uncharted
  • I started a non-profit with 2 of my best friends. It’s called Daily Adrenaline
  • I’m an advanced-level certified SCUBA diver
  • I used to be a sponsored skateboarder
  • I earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do when I was 10 years old(and then promptly switched to baseball)
  • I believe that coming home to a good book is one of the best things in life
  • I also believe a torrential downpour is the best kind of weather


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