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The company, despite having an active client-base, had no online presence besides a spattering of social media accounts. It needed a website that not only provided useful information for new users, but also allowed existing users to sign up for training, buy products, and view and schedule a demo for available dogs / puppies for purchase



Site Map

Aesthetic Skins


The client provided several wireframes at the beginning of the project. There were several page sketches with rough content outlines. These wireframes, along with client interaction, served as a basis for starting the project.

Site Map

After reviewing the wireframes and getting a grasp of the planned site, a site map was drawn up to take stock of every page type necessary.

Aesthetic Skins

Once the page architecture was finalized, the next phase was aesthetically skinning the wireframes, with content gathering /generation happening concurrently. Under normal circumstances, wireframes would happen after site mapping. In this case, the wireframes provided to us were complete enough to use as a base for moving forward with design.

A minimalist approach was taken, using an electric blue for Call-to-Actions and important interactions, with white, black, and varying grays being used for the other elements. Imagery of Belgian Malinois / German Shepherds training were interspersed wherever possible to reinforce the level of quality the user would be receiving.

Instead of making the site purely responsive, an m-site was designed so the user flows would remain optimal, even on a small device. It allows the user to easily navigate to the important pages in a more mobile-friendly way.


Product Results

Product Detail

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