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Create a responsive, visual update to the website to better match current advertising campaigns and fix usability issues


Site Map


Aesthetic Skins

Site Map - Current State

In order to weed out initial usability issues, a current-state site map was necessary. In doing so, page navigation redundancy and navigational issues were found. There were discrepancies between what was shown on the mobile site and what actually should be shown on a mobile phone.

Site Map - Future State

The future-state projected updates to the site hierarchy fixed the page redundancies. A majority of the extraneous content pages were taken out to remove content bloat.  The mobile site navigation was optimized for ideal user navigation patterns.



Every main page type was wireframed to show layout and navigation changes. The homepage / navigation underwent the most significant changes. The menu was streamlined, prioritizing the main shopping links, while hiding the extraneous pages. Iconography was used to call out several of the main navigational options: Stores, Account and Basket.

Links to the most popular Wines, Spirits, Beers and On Sale items were brought toward the top of the page, and Top Sellers were shown in carousels for easy shopping access.

Category Landing Page

Product Results Page

Product Detail Page

Aesthetic Skins

Three visual styles to the client, Modern, Minimal, and Classic. The Modern style was chosen, with several tweaks, and the rest of the pages were built out.

This style emphasized white space, the new imagery provided through the new ad campaigns, and selective use of the new brand colors to emphasize Calls to Action and interaction.


Product Results

Product Details


Product Results

Product Detail

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